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Webcontinuumis a resource site for web developers working with Microsoft .NET and Adobe Flash.

Link to Flash Slideshow Demo SlideDirector is a component used to produce sophisticed presentations, without the need to program or even own a Flash authoring tool. Presentations can easily be put together by editing an XML file.

Link to a Demo of a Web Service Want to see a SOAP Web Service in action? Here is a demonstration of how we can call a web service directly from inside an HTML page! Requires, IE 5.5 or higher (use of HTC Behaviour).

Link to XML Schema Demo XML documents can be validated, meaning we can test them for conformance against a predefined grammar. This is what XML Schemas are about... see this XSD Schema demonstration to see one in action!

Link to Flash 3D Demo Take a look at this small sample of an interactive 3D model programmed in Flash 6. You will not have to wait - it is only 8Kb!

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